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Welcome to Kitesurf Adventures with Kite and Surf Essaouira. Are you an experienced kitesurfer looking for a new challenge? Our advanced kitesurf trips and downwinders from Essaouira to Sidi Kaouki and Molay offer some of the best conditions for advanced riders. the downwinder from mouly to essaouira appromaximately 25km and essaouira to sidi kaouki also the same distance, both trips include transfer, guide and water.

Our experienced team will help you plan the perfect kitesurf trip, whether you want to push your limits in new conditions or just enjoy the thrill of riding the waves in some of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world.

  • High Security
  • Certified Instroctors
  • Transportation included
  • Water included


Our prices are the same for both downwinders
Essaouira To Sidi Kaouki
Mouly To Essaouira

What our custumers are saying

  • Benjamin

    Wow ! i highly recommend the downwinders, such a special feeling .

  • Kim

    The trip felt safe and exciting, i will definitely do it again.

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