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Sidi Kaouki and Imsouane are both popular surf destinations located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, south of Essaouira.

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Essaouira is a popular destination for kitesurfing and surfing, with a number of good beaches, it’s by contains more than 2.8km and It has 2 spots 1st beach and 2nd beach. 

In and around the city.The main kitesurfing spot in Essaouira is located on the beach, just outside the city walls. The beach at Essaouira is known for its strong and consistent winds, which make it an ideal spot for kitesurfing. The waters are generally quite flat, with small waves that are suitable for both beginner and intermediate kitesurfers. … Read More

We have a blog that covers many topics about Essaouira and water sports, Travel tips and hacks that would ease your experience in Essaouira.

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Our advanced kitesurf trips and downwinders from Essaouira to Sidi Kaouki and Molay offer some of the best conditions for advanced riders.

Diletta CeccobelliDiletta Ceccobelli
13:45 26 Apr 24
Very nice place with friendly guys. Hamza is great!! Recommended
06:53 26 Apr 24
First kite surfing experience in Essaouira as a beginner and it was incredible!The instructors are really super friendly, welcoming, smiling and the prices are reasonable. We are well equipped and I always felt safe.I learned at my own pace with Sofiane who was simply extraordinary and who gave me a taste for this new sport! I hope to come back very soon!Sarah
Yusuf ErmisYusuf Ermis
18:13 24 Apr 24
Amazing crew amazing instructors. I was a complete beginner and Abdul(the instructor) was very helpful and patient. Overall it was an amazing experience.
Bayram ÇetinkayaBayram Çetinkaya
18:13 24 Apr 24
Amazing experience with Abdu he was very patient and helpful during the whole class of kite surfing, super fun.
Catherine StuartCatherine Stuart
06:48 18 Apr 24
I had a three hour beginner kite surfing lesson with Ayoub. He was a fantastic teacher and very patient with me. He was calm and repeated instructions clearly, which helped me build my confidence and understanding of how to control the kite. I really enjoyed the session and I am looking forward to booking another session one day when I return to Essaouira! Thank you 😊
giorgio bezzigiorgio bezzi
18:13 17 Apr 24
Did a private session with Ayoub - amazing instructor! He managed to get me in the water after a break of more than 5 years. The spot it’s amazing and wind conditions were good too!
15:20 27 Mar 24
We took a class of 2 hours and it was really nice. The teacher (Hâmzâ) was very focused and had good humour in same time. He made me to stand up and even jump on the board!!! YippiThe material was good, the conditions as well.Really friendly surf school - all the team!I would come back if I get the chance and can recommend it to everyone.Thank you so much!
Ivan MilanoIvan Milano
19:02 14 Mar 24
Margot DupeyrouxMargot Dupeyroux
18:00 02 Mar 24
We took 2 hours of surf lessons with Hamza, which we recommend if you are looking for a teacher to learn and laugh at the same time! THANKS !
Tifaine ChamonardTifaine Chamonard
17:58 02 Mar 24
Tom SmitTom Smit
17:49 29 Feb 24
I had lessons from Ayoub, hè was the best. Hè doesn’t overload you with tips and focuspoints, but gives you just the right ammount of tips to focus and work on. Rest of the guys at the shop were great. If I come to Essaouira again I will definitely come here again.
Derk SchneiderDerk Schneider
16:01 28 Feb 24
Best school to learn kiting in Essaouira. The teachers are very professional and the equipment up to date. I can totally recommend to take some lessons.
Hanna KarlinskaHanna Karlinska
11:54 09 Jan 24
Had a blast at the surf school! Hamza, the instructor, is a legend – got me on the board on the first go. Can't believe I pulled it off. Big shoutout to the crew, you guys rock! Best time ever, thanks a million.
B AdnaneB Adnane
15:11 27 Nov 23
Fayçel and his team are super nice and well equipped. The surf sessions are both informative and fun. I recommend KSE highly for all surf lovers! 🌊🏄🏼‍♂️#KSE #SurfEssaouira
Matt MacdMatt Macd
18:05 20 Oct 23
Super friendly staff that are great instructors along with really good facilities right by the beach.We went for a smaller group for lessons in kite surfing and surfing and went from complete beginners to standing matter of hours.Cannot recommend enough and they are the once company that doesn't have you getting changed in the seating area of a cafe.
Rollin G.RRollin G.R
13:58 29 Jul 23
I had a great experience here as an advanced beginner:) Abdoul was the most patient , kind and helpful teacher I’ve had . His peaceful attitude helped me a lot and calmed me:)) I was able to concentrate and reach some major goals! The shop is super nice and the vibe is cool and relax. It’s what we all need! Best kite shop and teaching in essouira 🌊🐪

Frequently asked questions

What is the best time to go kitesurfing in Essaouira?

The best time to go kitesurfing in Essaouira is during the summer months, from May to September, when the winds are strong and consistent. The wind typically blows from the northwest at around 20-30 knots.

How can I pay ?

We accept payment in cash (EUR or local currency) or via bank transfer.

what type of wetsuit i need ?

For kitesurfing or surfing in Essaouira, Morocco during the spring and summer months, you will generally want to wear a wetsuit with a thickness of 3/2 mm or 4/3 mm. These thicknesses will provide enough warmth and protection for the water temperature, which typically ranges from 21-26°C (70-79°F) during these months.

Are there any safety concerns for kitesurfing in Essaouira?

As with any water sport, it is important to follow safety guidelines and precau ztions when kitesurfing. It is recommended to take lessons from a certified instructor, wear a personal flotation device, and always be aware of your surroundings while on the water.

Can I practice kitesurfing on my own after lessons?

It is highly recommended to take lessons from a certified instructor before attempting to kitesurf on your own. Kitesurfing can be a challenging and potentially dangerous sport, and it is important to have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills before attempting to kitesurf on your own.

Do I need help to launch and land the kite?

The safest way to launch and land a kite is with someone else’s help, although no experience is required to do it. You just need to explain them a couple basic things. There are techniques for launching the kite by yourself, but they are not 100% safe.

For landing your kite all by yourself, you can use the safety mechanism in case of an emergency.

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